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IP камера Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360 QDJ4041GL

Mi Home Security Camera 360

Mi Home Security Camera 360 - интеллектуальная камера видеонаблюдения с уникальными возможностями: угол обзора по горизонтали 360°, возможность съемки в режиме ночного видения без раздражающего свечения, бесшумный поворотный механизм и возможность установки как на горизонтальные, так и вертикальные поверхности.

3090 RUR

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Mi Home Security Camera 360 1080P

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360°

Муляж камеры As Seen On TV Security Camera

Экшн-камера Xiaomi YI 4K+ Waterproof Case Kit Black

Xiaomi Mijia Electric Toothbrush (White) Bluetooth Waterproof Wireless Charge Mi Home APP Control Smart tooth brush dental

NEW Robotic Vacuum Cleaner ILife A8 For home with Camera Navigation household appliances wireless

Комплект Умный дом Xiaomi Smart Home Security Kit

Модуль SuperMicro Black DVD dummy tray support 1x2.5 HDD for SC113/815/825/836

Заглушка Black DVD dummy tray support 1x 2.5" HDD MCP-290-00036-0B.

417 RUR

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Intelligent robot vacuum cleaner Midea VCR08 for dry and wet with video camera Wireless home Washing Mop Shipping

Portishead - Dummy

Paul Brewer A. Wiring Your Digital Home For Dummies

Beef up your home's wiring infrastructure and control systems to accommodate the latest digital home products. Upgrade wiring in your existing home room-by-room, system-by-system or wire the home you're building. Learn wiring for the latest digital home technologies – whole home audio, outdoor audio, VoIP, PA systems, security systems with Web cams, home theater, home networking, alarms, back-up systems, and more. Perfect whether you do your own electrical work or want to talk intelligently to an electrical contractor.

1388.21 RUR



Portishead - Dummy

Ty Tribble Double Your Income with Network Marketing. Create Financial Security in Just Minutes a Day​without Quitting Job

Get a second stream of income without getting a second job! For anyone looking for a practical blueprint in creating an additional stream of home-based income, Double Your Income with Network Marketing is for you. This book offers a fresh look at the home-based business industry, offering an original step-by-step plan for home business success that includes a detailed look at the network marketing industry. By combining specific, turnkey strategies with inspiring stories of successful home based entrepreneurs readers will move through the author's «success blueprint» learning. Double Your Income with Network Marketing outlines a blueprint for success. How to create financial security in just a few focused hours a week Ways to turn a hobby or interest into a thriving home business Reveals the freedom that a home business/internet marketing lifestyle can provide Job security is dead. Join the many new entrepreneurs who are firing their boss in favor of the more flexible and healthier home business lifestyle.

1385.68 RUR



Robert Correll Canon EOS 60D For Dummies

A full-color guide to all the bells and whistles in your new Canon 60D If you own a Canon 60D, you?ve got a camera for advanced amateurs and one that?s very close to professional-level equipment. Now it?s time to make sure you get the very most out of all that power. Julie Adair King teams up with Robert Correll to help digital camera users catch their skills up to what their cameras have to offer in this fun but thorough guide. Understand all your camera?s features, move beyond the security blanket of Auto mode, and start capturing the pictures you?ve dreamed of. Gives you the full picture on Canon?s EOS 60D dSLR camera, in the friendly, easy-to-follow, For Dummies style Helps you explore the 18-mexapixel sensor, full HD video recording, a tilt-view LCD, and expanded in-camera editing tools and filters Teaches you tricks and techniques, with over 300 example photos and menu captures in full color Reveals how to adjust settings for optimal exposure, lighting, focus, and color Gives you ten top tips on photo editing The Canon 60D dSLR camera, the expertise of Julie Adair King and Robert Correll, and your own, untapped ability?all you need now is the book! Canon EOS 60D For Dummies.

1893.24 RUR



Уголок 16 мм M. L, 3.2 Dummy Rivet (золото)

Тип декоративные Форма канала J Размер 16 мм Цвет золото Ширина канала 3.2 мм Кол-во в упаковке 100 шт

582 RUR

D. Leonardt Уголок 16 мм M. L, 3.2 мм Dummy Rivet (золото) похожие


Ernesto Exposito Digital Home Networking

This much-needed book describes the digital home networking environment, its techniques, and the challenges around its service architecture. It provides a broad introduction to state-of-the-art digital home standards and protocols, as well as in-depth coverage of service architectures for entertainment and domotic services involving digital home resources. Topics include networking, remote access, security, interoperability, scalability, and quality of service. Notably, the book describes the generic architecture that was proposed and developed in the context of the EUREKA/Celtic research project Feel@Home.

15039.6 RUR



Valtteri Niemi LTE Security

A concise, updated guide to the 3GPP LTE Security Standardization specifications A welcome Revised Edition of the successful LTE Security addressing the security architecture for SAE/LTE, which is based on elements of the security architectures for GSM and 3G, but which needed a major redesign due to the significantly increased complexity, and different architectural and business requirements of fourth generation systems. The authors explain in detail the security mechanisms employed to meet these requirements. The specifications generated by standardization bodies only inform about how to implement the system (and this only to the extent required for interoperability), but almost never inform readers about why things are done the way they are. Furthermore, specifications tend to be readable only for a small group of experts and lack the context of the broader picture. The book fills this gap by providing first hand information from insiders who participated in decisively shaping SAE/LTE security in the relevant standardization body, 3GPP, and can therefore explain the rationale for design decisions in this area. A concise, fully updated guide to the 3GPP LTE Security Standardization specifications Describes the essential elements of LTE and SAE Security, written by leading experts who participated in decisively shaping SAE/LTE security in the relevant standardization body, 3GPP Explains the rationale behind the standards specifications giving readers a broader understanding of the context to these specifications Includes new chapters covering 3GPP work on system enhancements for MTC, plus application layer security in ETSI TC M2M and embedded smart card in ETSI SCP; Security for Machine-type Communication, Relay Node Security, and Future Challenges, including Voice over LTE, MTC, Home base stations, LIPA/SIPTO, and New Cryptographic Algorithms Essential reading for System engineers, developers and people in technical sales working in the area of LTE and LTE security, communication engineers and software developers in mobile communication field.

9604.24 RUR



Аккумулятор для телефона iBatt iB-Samsung-Galaxy-Camera-M328

Аккумуляторная батарея iBatt iB-Samsung-Galaxy-Camera-M328 емкостью 1600mAh совместима с аккумуляторами Samsung Предназначается для использования с моделями:Galaxy Camera, Galaxy M, GT-i9100 Galaxy S II, EK-GC100, EK-GC100 Galaxy Camera, GT-i9105 Galaxy S II Plus, EK-GC110 Galaxy Camera, SGH-i777 Galaxy S II, GT-i9103 Galaxy R / Z, Galaxy S II,

760 RUR

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